4. Can I contact the airlines myself and book my award ticket without using the services of BookMyAward?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to do so – where you will most likely quickly realize just how difficult and frustrating a process it is. Without our expertise, you may very likely be told there are no seats available to fulfill your request (by far the most common response), or be offered a much less desirable or comfortable routing (which you may not realize). Worse, you may overpay in miles by up to FOUR TIMES the minimum amount of miles required, as well as overpay in out of pocket airline fees and taxes by up to FIVE TIMES the minimum amount required – a total waste of your precious, hard-earned, frequent flyer miles and dollars.

For example, a client recently came to us looking to book four award seats for her and her family in business class from New York to Kenya. The client first called a booking agent at Continental Airlines’ frequent flyer program to assist her with this. The agent then presented the client with the best options she could locate – four business class seats for a total of 800,000 miles! The client decided to contact us before booking these tickets – and it’s a good thing she did. We were able to find her four business class seats on a much better airline, with much better and more comfortable seats, service, food and drink – and on a more direct route – for a total of just 400,000 miles – a HUGE savings over the best option found by the airline agent!

In another example, let’s say you want to fly roundtrip from New York to London on Virgin Airlines’ Upper Class. If you contacted Virgin directly, they would require 90,000 miles plus approximately $500 in taxes and surcharges. If you instead contacted BookMyAward, we could book this exact same seat for you in Virgin upper class– but for only 63,000 miles and $0 in taxes or surcharges – a savings of 27,000 miles and approximately $500!*

These examples go on and on.

*Examples valid at the time of this posting.

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