“Brian – You are a true gentleman and professional. My praises will be stated emphatically on the website. Thank you, again, for your professionalism, great service and understanding.”

               Martha in San Francisco arranging dream trip for family of 4 to Europe and Africa

“Brian ….. you just never cease to amaze!  Thank you!!  Really takes the stress off of us.  Thank you for responding, and understanding. Wow…We are on our way- thanks to you!  We will be singing your praises all the way!”

               Ann in Tampa  - after we spent hours working with the airlines to revise their award flights that had been cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy

“First, let me say that we feel that you are doing a great job for us, by doing what you said you would do, i.e. continue working for us to improve our connections. Thank you very much for that!!”

               Courtney from San Francisco – after we spent months working on improving his itinerary to asia after we had initially booked his award itinerary.


“Thank you for your expedient responses! You are so far head and shoulders above your competitors in service and thoroughness in your searches.”

          Azalea in Los Angeles

” thank you for your great service and excellent responses.”

               Cordell - from chicago after confirmation of first class tickets to europe for a cruise.

“I just wanted to send a note to thank you for your hard work and offering this service – which is FANTASTIC. My sister was really impressed as my family never travels in business or first class, especially on an international flight.”

               Marianne in NY


“Short note to thank you. Your service was spectacular!”

               William - attorney from West Virginia


“Brian, you rock!  I’ve been telling everyone what a tremendous job you did for us.  Getting us into those seats on the nonstop flight from Johannesburg to JFK was priceless!!”

               Brian in Chicago after we we searched daily for 6 months to book him on a nonstop flight from  Johannesburg to New York on the return from his honeymoon. The flight did not come available until 3am the morning of the date of departure – but since we stand ready 24/7 to book these highly coveted  flights for our clients, we were able to get them before anyone else did.


“I want to remind you how much I appreciate the fact that you work miracles!  Without your expertise I would not be taking this vacation this summer. I can’t wait to write a review for you when this is all over.  I LOVE to get to say wonderful things about people who have really been top notch!”

Julie in Florida


“I have been SO impressed with your service, and the fact that you have CONFIRMED us in Business Class for less than what we would have paid for coach tickets…well, it’s just unbelievable.

I am telling EVERYONE about your company.

My husband and I both work in the travel industry in Hawaii, and we had never heard of your web site until a friend just mentioned it to us. What a wonderful niche you fill. Thank you! Just wish I’d known about BookMyAward.com before now… I think of all the money we have spent on flights to Europe booking coach, paying for upgrades with miles and $$$ copays, being put on the waitlist and then just hoping we might “if we’re lucky” actually get the upgrade we already paid for. You rock!”

               Candice in Hawaii


“Pat- wanted to thank you again for referring me to BookMyAward – I have already referred 3 clients to them, one of which was my daughter in law and I was very impressed with their service. Will continue to refer them clients since I believe in the service provided- Brian is a pro’s pro!”

Lou in Houston

“I never thought I would need this, but we are on the cruise ship off of the coast of Sandakan that had a fire…We needed to change our tickets to get out of Singapore and home right away. Our BookMyAward team immediately booked us on a new award flight home. I’m so happy we booked with you and not the fly by night groups.”

               Dorothy from Norfolk, Virginia

“WOW! it was wonderful of course we are now very spoiled! Greg and I wanted to send you something to thank you but haven’t come up with the right thought! Just know you are very appreciated!  Thanks again and again”

               Noreen from Northern California - after our continuous search efforts enabled all four in her party to move from business class to first class on their flights to and from Europe.

“You guys are amazing by the way and I am so grateful that you are doing this for us!”

Carolyn - from seattle after we turned 140,000 alaska miles and $2,000 into 2 round trip business class seats to europe that otherwise would have cost her about $8000

“Just back late last night and can’t thank you enough for the marvelous arrangements. Thai Air first class is extraordinary! All went completely smoothly — I could even check bags in on Thai Air in Bangkok and then despite having an overnight in Munich have them go right through the NY and even arrive! I plan to email your name to the group I was traveling with in Burma — about 26 people — as soon as I get the group email list. Many many thanks. Look forward to seeking your help again.”

Barbara from NY

This is an unbelievable service. I will be sending out an email to my friends and posting something about your services on Facebook.”

Jonathan – attorney in Houston

“I am spoiled forever….first class British Air was so wonderful…thanks for making this happend for me….wow is all I can say…”

               Geri from San Francisco

“Brian, Barbara wants you to know that she is recommending you to all of her traveling friends because you have been so helpful.”

Assistant to busy professional after we booked two 1st class award tickets from NY to Thailand – tickets that otherwise selling for $20,000 each!

“I saved miles for months to secure business seats on my planned trip to Africa. When the time came to book with Delta ….IMPOSSIBLE. Delta had nothing, would offer nothing, doubled the miles I needed for business class seats. I was really discouraged until I came across BOOKMYAWARD.COM. Brian, of BookMyAward is simply amazing. He secured business class seats for all four legs of my trip – from Delta – for the 120,000 miles I had saved. I don’t know how he did it, but Delta has confirmed my reservation. The $375 I paid him for the tickets is certainly well worth it – I have a $6000 worth of business class, and didn’t have to hassle, beg, or be turned away by Delta.”

Marianne from Florida, after hearing that her business class award seats to and from Africa were confirmed.

“Thanks for all your patience. You have been a great, amazing help… We are so thrilled. I do know that we are paying a fraction of the cost for this business class experience. Can’t believe it…and all with your amazing help. It is a lot of work, I know and I am VERY grateful.”

Martha from SF – taking family of 4 in business class to a safari in South Africa.

“We have just had the most spectacular mileage ticket experience thanks to BookMyAward’s superb expertise and customer service. They planned a number of legs for us from Europe to the U.S. We had to juggle our schedule several times and Brian always came back to us in lightening speed with helpful suggestions and options so that we ended up with exactly what we needed and wanted.  I have tried for some time to use miles on my own and have come to the conclusion that it can not be done better or more painlessly than through Bookmyaward.com.  He runs an excellent business and is very fairly priced for the effort he expends. We could not have asked for more..this guy never sleeps! Bravo!”

               Hillary in Los Angeles

“You were right. What a fantastic flight!!!! Best ever!!! I couldn’t believe that lounge in Munich. I felt a little guilty thinking about all those poor people in coach that had to sit all cramped up a long way!! There were only 8 of us in 1st class. I gave your name to a friend of mine who does travel a lot and he has miles to use. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Val – retired vacation traveler

“I need to travel for business. Bookmyaward has transformed my travel experience. Before, I used to suffocate in economy — enraged that my frequently flyer miles were useless. Bookmyaward changed all that. On my last trip I had to fly more than 40 hours. Bookmyaward was somehow able to get me into First and Business class seats. Talk about going from agony to ecstasy!”

P.M. — CEO education company

“I manage the frequent flyer miles in my household. I work hard to gather as many miles as I can. Over the past couple of years they have become nearly impossible to use. My husband thought I wasn’t trying hard enough. But being flexible with dates and routing seemingly made no difference. I wondered: do the airlines have a conspiracy to get me NOT to use my miles? I’m happy to report that Bookmyaward has been a dream come true. Getting upgraded makes the whole difference. It makes the journey to our destination a pleasure. Now the journey is part of the vacation instead of an unpleasant experience which has to be endured in order get to the vacation. My husband and I took advantage by flying around the world in business class seats. It was the experience of a lifetime.”

L. H. — Teacher

“Bookmyaward.com did exactly what they said they would! They booked first class tickets for me, using my miles that I was completely unable to obtain on my own! In addition, it was like having my own personal concierge. I highly recommend Bookmyaward. The best $$ that I have ever spent!”

B.K. CEO — technology integration company

“Hi Linda  I just wanted to thank you for referring me to Brian; he’s great!!  He just finished booking our flights for next July to Iceland with a couple of stops in Berlin and Prague.  We got business class seats the whole way.  I know it’s a year away, but these seats go very fast especially in July.   He’s just incredible, very fast and very efficient.  Thanks for recommending such a valuable resource for future flights.”

               Susan in San Francisco