What We Do

We find award seats even the airlines cannot find.

Using our proprietary mix of systems, expertise and contacts, we identify open frequent flyer award seats that airline ticket agents and online search engines cannot find. Our service, however, is limited to finding award seats in first and business class only, and on international and long-haul domestic flights only.

We help you purchase miles if you are short.

If you are short the number of miles needed for your award seat, we can show you how to quickly, easily and inexpensively purchase them through your own credit card. This is an incredible way to reduce the cost you would otherwise pay for a revenue ticket – by up to 90%!
For example, let’s say that you currently have no airline miles, but you want to travel nonstop from San Francisco to Frankfurt in first class. The airlines would quote you a price of around $19,550 for this seat. Instead, we can show you how to purchase the 100,000 miles required for this same award seat for just $2,500 using your own credit card – a savings of over 85%!

In another example, let’s say you want to go from New York to London on Virgin Airlines’ upper class (similar to most airlines’ first class). Virgin would require 90,000 Virgin miles for this award PLUS additional taxes and surcharges totaling approximately $500. Instead, we could show you how to obtain this exact same seat in Virgin upper class for only 63,000 miles with no taxes or surcharges – and show you how you can use your own credit card to easily purchase the 63,000 miles for about $1,600! Compare this spectacular value to the $9,000 – $13,000 that Virgin would otherwise charge for this exact same seat!

These examples go on and on.

We select itineraries to maximize comfort and minimize cost:

Our experts know how to select the optimal airline and itinerary that will minimize your cost and maximize your comfort.

For example, say you wanted to travel from Los Angeles to Singapore in Singapore Airlines’ highly rated business class. You might think to contact Singapore Airlines frequent flyer program to do this, where they would require 180,000 miles PLUS an additional approximate $600 in airline fees and surcharges. We, however, would contact a frequent flyer program that partners with Singapore Airlines and book this exact same business class seat – also on Singapore Airlines – for just 100,000 miles and approximately $125 in airline fees and surcharges – a savings to you of 80,000 miles and $475! These examples go on and on.

In addition to saving you loads of miles and cash, we are experts in knowing which of the several airlines that fly to your desired destination will maximize your travel experience – which have most comfortable seats, the best service, the best connections, and the best airport lounge experiences. We take all of these things into consideration when we work for you!

The Bottom Line: We add exceptional value where you would least expect it – at a cost that is just a small fraction of the amount that we will save you in miles, airline fees and surcharges. All this and we will save you all the time and hassles involved in trying to do it all yourself.