2. What does BookMyAward NOT do?

We are NOT travel agents. This means that we do not work for or on behalf of the airlines or frequent flyer programs, and we are not paid a commission by the airlines or frequent flyer programs. Instead we work solely for you and are paid by you for assisting you in locating and arranging the booking of award seats.

We are NOT mileage brokers. This means we do not buy miles from others, and then sell them to you, which violates the rules of virtually all frequent flyer programs. This could subject your award tickets to cancellation and seizure by the airline and/or frequent flyer program. Beware of mileage brokers that may tell you differently or who tell you that there is no law against buying and selling miles. While there maybe is no such β€œlaw,” every frequent flyer program has its own rules – and buying and selling miles virtually always violates these rules. When we help you purchase miles, however, you will be buying them from either your own credit card, or from the frequent flyer program directly – which is expressly authorized and encouraged by their rules.

We are NOT ticket consolidators. This means that we do not purchase seats in large volumes at lower-than-published fares and then re-sell them to the public.

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