10. Why does BookMyAward recommend that I use my miles only for international or long-haul domestic flights and only for First or Business Class?

Our goal is to help you maximize the value of your hard earned frequent flyer miles. This almost always means that you should save your miles for use on longer flights and for Business Class or First Class seats only. So, for example, you could use 25,000 miles to fly from say Denver to New York in economy class – for a ticket that would otherwise cost you as little as $375 to purchase. This would value each of your miles at just a penny and half. ($375 / 25,000) We, however, would suggest that you would be much better off purchasing your Denver-New York ticket with money and save your miles for when you want to fly roundtrip from say New York to London in a fully flat bed in Business Class for just 63,000 miles – a ticket that would cost you nearly $10,000 if you bought it from the airline. Saving your miles for this trip would value each of your miles at over fifteen cents ($10,000 / 63,000) – a whopping 10 times better value than the above Denver-New York example! There are many other examples just like this.

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