31. What happens if I miss my initial outbound or my initial return flight?

This will depend on the rules of the frequent flyer program and/or the airline you are flying, but in most cases this will require the re-booking of some or all of the flights on your itinerary – subject to the availability of award seats. This is a very serious situation so please take all precautions to avoid this. In scenarios where you have legitimate extenuating circumstances that caused you to miss this flight, you will often be re-accommodated by the airline and/or your frequent flyer program on their next departure with available award seats. Of course, this is not guaranteed, and you remain subject to the terms and conditions of the frequent flyer program and/or the airline you are flying. If you miss an initial flight on either your outbound or your return, we recommend that you immediately report to the customer service counter of the airline that operated the flight that you missed and politely ask them to assist you in re-booking the award seats that you missed. If they are unwilling or unable to do so, please contact us immediately – preferably by phone. We will attempt to assist you in an emergency re-booking your award seats.

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